About Us

Hello, Future Entrepreneurs!

Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Studies Universitas Indonesia, or well-known as CEDS UI, is the only student body for business at Universitas Indonesia that provide its members with business development programs and activities. CEDS UI was officially established on July 7th, 1998. Every year, CEDS UI accepts about 40-80 students from any faculty and background as members, expert teams, and board of executives.

CEDS UI has vision to contribute to research and development of entrepreneurship for students—in particular—and society—in general. CEDS programs focus on helping students who haven't any business yet to build business through CEDS curriculum. To achieve that vision, networking and surroundings are important. That's why CEDS UI gathers students who have passion in business to share their knowledge and experience. Also, they can find their future business partner in this community.

So far, CEDS UI already has 18 batches who are gathered as Ikatan Alumni CEDS UI (Iluni CEDS UI). CEDS UI graduates already have business in all over Indonesia, such as fashion, culinary, consultant, industry, et cetera. These successful CEDS UI graduates eventually will be mentor to share their experience and knowledge for new members.