CEDS UI was officially established on July 7th, 1998.

CEDS UI has vision to contribute to research and development of entrepreneurship for students—in particular—and society—in general. CEDS programs focus on helping students who haven't any business yet to build business through CEDS curriculum.

Ideating & Prototyping
Ideating & Prototyping

Help our member to create valid idea and create mvp (minimum viable product).


Help our member to get insight from many successful entrepreneurs.

Business Planning
Business Planning

Help our member to planning the business model, pricing, marketing method, etc.

Community & Networking
Community & Networking

Connect our member to investor network and co-founder network.


Help our member to search funding to scale up the business.


Help our member's businesses to establish and expand their market size.

Here is Our Programs

Our top programs are ready to help your business. We deliver solutions
using our proven winning formula consisting of expertise.

Internal Business Controling


UI Talks


UI Startup Weekend

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Our Achievements

So far, CEDS UI already has 21 batches who are gathered as Ikatan Alumni CEDS UI (Iluni CEDS UI). CEDS UI graduates already have business in all over Indonesia, such as fashion, culinary, consultant, industry, et cetera. These successful CEDS UI graduates eventually will be mentor to share their experience and knowledge for new members.

100 %
Member Have A Business
82 %
Successful Business
91 %
Members Feel Helped

Looking for a First-Class Business Plan Mentor?

We work side by side with successful company executives to accelerate business execution through
a blend of analytical and management approaches.

What Our Graduates Said about us

“ Wow! What a team! They make everything flow smoothly. The service that you receive makes the whole process stress free.”

Agata Attano
CTO, Jotwork

“They keep you informed throughout and make sure that you get the loan to suit your individual needs. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.”

Jim Parkson
CEO, Viber

“I have been lucky enough to work with Famulus and their team recently organizing an amazing experience for their clients. Thank you for caring so much”

Ann Bartlett
Chef Manager, LLS

“We have found Famulus to be professional in their approach in finding solutions to not only protect their investor’s funds but also to ensure the project.”

Bert Freight
Co-Founder, Herms and Clarks

Our Graduates' Business

Latest News From CEDS UI

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Display UKM CEDS UI 2016

CEDS UI sebagai salah satu UKM wirausaha dibawah direktorat kemahasiswaan UI, menghadiri presentasi dan display UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) pada tanggal 8-9 Agustus 2016. Acara yang dihadiri oleh ribuan mahasiswa baru dan sekitar 40 stand UKM se-UI ini ditujukan untuk memperkenalkan UKM yang ada di UI kepada mahasiswa baru. Pada kesempatan ini, mahasiswa baru yang …

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Yellow Market, UI Startup Festival 2016

Sebagai satu-satunya Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa UI dibidang bisnis, CEDS UI merasa diadakannya suatu event expo yang mempertemukan unsur pengusaha dari kalangan mahasiswa UI. Atas dasar itulah, dan dengan kerjasama kolaborasi bersama BEM UI, hal ini terwujud melalui kegiatan UI Startup Festival. Event yang baru pertama kali dilaksanakan ini diharapkan menjadi event tahunan yang dapat menjadi …

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Team building CEDS UI 2017

    Setelah rangkain open recruitmenCEDS UI terlaksana, maka dalam rangka penyambutan staff dan anggota, CEDS UI melaksanakan suatu kegiatan untuk saling mengenal dan menigkatkan kinerja suatu organisasi. Hal ini dibutuhkan agar CEDS UI memiliki kemampuan untuk bersinergi sehingga wajib dilaksanakan bagi seluruh anggota untuk menjaga kualitas organisasi. Selain itu untuk meningkatkan kualitas, maka dibutuhkan …

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